Myths on Selling My House To An Investor

There area misconceptions when it comes to selling your house directly to an investor.  People have heard from other people and have a general idea on what to expect when dealing with an investor.  In reality, investors are great people, very passionate about what they do, and are purpose driven.  

Here at Bold Offers, we are investors who strive  to help as many homeowners buy their properties they no longer want.  We buy houses, invest in them, and then offer them back to the market.  We are very passionate about real estate and helping our community through purchasing properties here in Las Vegas.

You’ll Get A Low Ball Offer

When selling your house to an investor in Las Vegas and Henderson, you might have the idea that you will get a low cash offer for your home.  While our team can’t speak for all investors, we can let you know that when you sell your Las Vegas and Henderson home to Bold Offers, you will always receive a fair and honest price for your property, based on current market conditions.  We try our best to be transparent about how we determine our offers.  WE will run a comparative market analysis in the area and the amount of work that needs to be done to make the property comparable to the other homes for sale in the market.  We will happily make you an offer and there is never any obligation.  We want to make sure that selling directly to us is the best option and decision for you!

Investors Are Con Artists

False!  Many investment buyers are famlies looking to invest in a rental, or people looking to flip properties because fixing up homes is what they love to do.  I do believe that there are investors out there who have bad intentions but then again that is true to any industry.  If you have a real estate investor interested in buying your home, listen for a minute.  They might be able to offer you an excellent option while saving you all of the costs of a middle man.  Working with the right investor will ultimately save you money and time on the sale of your Las Vegas and Henderson house.  In reality, you will be able to find a solution where everyone wins!

At the end of the day, working with investors might be the best way for you to reach your goals.  Here at Bold Offers, we work side by side with title companies to get things handled quickly.  We guarantee a very fast and smooth closing process.

If you want to learn more about selling your house to an investor in Las Vegas and Henderson, we would love to help.  Contact us today to learn more about how selling your home directly to Bold Offers can benefit you! 702-514-0751